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Cloud & Pom Pon Trees

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  • Sale! £750.00 £375.95

    b937 Olive Tree Pom Pon Cloud

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  • Sale! £225.00 £124.95

    Cupressus Arizonica “Fastigiata” POM PON

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  • Sale! £450.00 £249.95

    Leylandi Castlewellan Gold Pom Pom Cloud 1.75-1.85m

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  • Sale! £550.00 £265.00

    Table Top Olive Tree

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Cloud & Bonsai Trees FAQ's

Planting Cloud & Bonsai Olive Trees

Both Cloud & Bonsai Olive Trees are able to grow in poor soils, however when potting or planting we recommend using a mixture of John Innes no. 3 and some agricultural grit. Following this, you will want to fertilise your plant. Choosing the right fertiliser is key as it will be supplying a steady stream of nutrients during the growing season. We recommend using Osmocote slow release fertiliser alone with tomato feed to promote healthy olive growth.

Caring for Cloud & Bonsai Olive Trees

Both Cloud and Bonsai Olive Trees need that extra bit of care compared to regular olive trees, due to their unique form and structure. When pruning this plant it’s essential to take caution and do this carefully. Furthermore, like other olive trees, Cloud and Bonsai Olive Trees need to be watered regularly, especially in hotter months. Finally, in extreme cold weathers we recommend covering your plant with a fleece crown or bubble wrap. 

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