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Cupressus Arizonica “Fastigiata” Spiral


Cupressus Arizonica “Fastigiata” Spiral

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                               Tree Hight in pot 1.60-1.70m

Width of Tree  30-40cm

Pot Hight 30cm/Width 32cm

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Cupressus Arizonica ‘Fastigiata’

Common name:Blue Arizona

Attractive and resilient, this evergreen tree has eye-catching blueish white foliage.As its name suggests, the Blue Arizona Cypress is native to the North American states of Arizona and New Mexico, where it enjoys the dry climate. Cypress trees are vigorous-growing evergreens with flaking or scaly bark. The Blue Arizona’s usual shape is a pointed column, or an egg-like oval with a pointed top. Their needle-shaped leaves are aromatic and they grow in dense bunches, giving them a furry appearance.


Foliage: Ever green & Blue, Green

Hardy: Hardy in the UK survives down to -15

Exposure:.Full Sun or partial shade

Soil: Most soil types

Watering: Keep moist but free drainage. Water regular in pots in the warmer months, minimum once to twice a week and more in full sun. During winter months  don’t allow to dry out completely, but keep soil moist. When planted in the ground you must be aware that olive trees like free drainage and not water logged soil.

Potting: John Innes no. 3. Mix some agricultural grit.

Fertiliser: Osmocote slow release.