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Multi Stem Olive Trees

High Canopy Multi-Stemmed Olive Trees are the perfect ornamental feature for your garden if you are looking to make a statement. Offering a visual treat with their evergreen leaves, it’s no wonder this stunning plant is growing in popularity.  High Canopy Multi-Stemmed Olive Trees are also perfect for the UK climate because of their small leaf span that makes them wind resistant.

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Multi Stem Olive Trees FAQ's

Planting Multi Stem Olive Trees

Because Multi Stem Olive Trees are very hardy, they can be planted during any time of the year. However, if you are looking to prune the plant this must be done before and after the winter frosts to receive the best results.

When planting or plotting your Multi Stem Olive Tree, we recommend using a mixture of John Innes no.3, agricultural grit and Osmocote slow release tomato feed, as together they will all help promote olive growth.

Caring for Multi Stem Olive Trees

Multi Stem Olive Trees are relatively easy to take care of. They should always be kept moist and always free of drainage. As they are very hardy, they can withstand temperatures up to -15 and moreover only need to be watered a few times a week, depending on how hot it is. 

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