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Olive Thick Trunk Topiary Crown


Olive Thick Trunk Topiary Crown

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These olives are grown to be similar in shape and size the tree is a good representation and if you order more then one we will select them to be of similar size. 

Easy plant to care for with minimum knowledge of plant required. Water regularly in the pot in summer months. Can be planted in full sun also in partial shade. Trim once a year if required. Will withstand temperatures down to minus 15.



Height of tree including pot approx: 1.50-1.65m

Height excluding pot: 1.15-1.55m

Width of crown: 55-6ocm

Pot width: 45cm

Pot height: 38cm 


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Olea Europea

Common name: Olive tree

Olive trees come in many shapes and forms from the young skin to the old ancient and gnarled with trunks of trees hundreds of years old. So easy to care for and they bring the beauty of the Mediterranean in to your garden. Evergreen and blends into a modern or traditional style of landscaping and made for the perfect feature tree. Winter hardy and even tolerant of snow. You could say an olive tree is as old as time dating back in ancient literature to 4000 BC and of course we all are familiar with the term extending somebody and olive branch is the meaning of peace and good will.


Foliage: Ever green & glossy leaf

Hardy: Hardy in the UK survives down to -15

Exposure: Sheltered. North of UK -In harsh winds, fleece crown and bubble wrap pot as this is advised in extreme cold weathers.

Soil: Most soil types

Watering: Keep moist but free drainage. Water regular in pots in the warmer months, minimum once to twice a week and more in full sun. During winter months  don’t allow to dry out completely, but keep soil moist. When planted in the ground you must be aware that olive trees like free drainage and not water logged soil.

Potting: John Innes no. 3. Mix some agricultural grit.

Fertiliser: Osmocote slow release and tomato feed to promote olive growth.