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Palm Trees

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  • Sale! £600.00 £424.95

    Trachycapus Naked Fortunei (Chusan palm) TRUNK 1.-1.20M

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  • Sale! £600.00 £495.95

    Trachycapus Naked Fortunei (Chusan palm) TRUNK 1.20-1.40M

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  • Sale! £250.00 £149.95

    Cordyline Australis, Cabbage Palm

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  • Sale! £625.00 £309.95

    Trachycapus Fortunei (Chusan palm) TRUNK 100-120

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  • Sale! £450.00 £249.95

    Trachycapus Fortunei (Chusan palm) TRUNK 80-100CM

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  • Sale! £600.00 £374.95

    Trachycapus Fortunei (Chusan palm) TRUNK 120-140cm

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Palm Trees Trees FAQ's

Can you grow a palm tree in the UK?

Yes, palm trees are hardy plants and can survive at temperatures down to around -5/-6ºC, which means that they will survive most British winters. Choose a sunny space for your palm tree and dig a hole twice the size as the pot that your tree was purchased in. Plant in well-drained soil.

What are the benefits of a palm tree?

Palm trees have many benefits including their leaves and branches which can be used for building roofs and materials. Palm trees also produce fruits such as coconuts, betel nuts and acai fruit as well as palm oil.

How much do palm trees cost?

Depending on its species and size, palm trees can cost between £100 and £500. Fully grown mature palm trees have been known to cost, with a small Coco de Mer Palm Tree ( considered to be one of the rarest and most expensive in the world) averaging around £300.

How much do palm trees grow a year?

In the British climate, palm trees tend to grow quite slowly. After being established in your garden, your palm might grow a foot in height and grow between 2 and 7 fronds per year.

Do palm trees need a lot of water?

Palm trees should be kept moist (however, not waterlogged). Water your palm tree every day during the first week it is planted in your garden and then several times a week after that.

which palm trees grow indoors?

There are a wide variety of palm trees that not only survive but thrive indoors, ideal if you don’t have lots of outdoor space in your garden. Some of the most popular indoor palm trees include the Areca Palm, Yucca Palm, Kentia Palm and the Date Palm.

What makes palm trees grow faster?

Palm trees are well known for being drought tolerant, if you’re looking for faster growth then we recommend giving your palm a slow, deep watering, filling your palm with water until it has reached the top of the basin. Don’t forget to regularly check the moisture level of the soil and have a good irrigation for drainage so it doesn’t become waterlogged.