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140-150cm Egyptian Buxus Semperviren Four Sided Pyramid


140-150cm Egyptian Buxus Semperviren Four Sided Pyramid

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Beautifully clipped to shape! The Egyptian pyramid  gives an astonishing, topiary styled approach to your contemporary or formal garden.



  • Tree width: 30-40cm
  • Tree height: 100-110cm
  • Height including pot: 140-150
  • LITRE:30L

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Buxus Sempervirens, commonly known as ‘box (boxwood)’. Evergreen with small glossy leafs. Slow growing which makes this beautiful plant perfect for topiary and has been used in topiary for centuries. This topiary tree will be supplied in a terracotta nursery pot. This is an easy plant to care for with minimum knowledge of plant required. Water regular and top dress with fertiliser. Leaf feed with ‘Top Buxus Health Mix” and clip into shape once, maybe twice a year.


Foliage: Evergreen and glossy leafs

Hardy: Hardy in the UK, survives down to -20

Exposure: Sheltered or exposed

Sun light: Full sun-partial shade. Full shade

Soil: Most soil types

Watering: Keep moist but free drainage water regular in pots in the warmer months, minimum twice a week and more in full sun. Winter months – don’t allow to dry out.

Potting: John Innes no.3

Fertiliser: Osmocote slow release or organic. Spray leaf with ‘Top Buxus’ to feed and to keep plant healthy.