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Jasmine Umbrella (2.20-2.40m) Full Standard “Summer Deal”


Jasmine Umbrella (2.20-2.40m) Full Standard “Summer Deal”



Jasmine available in many forms from full standard, half standard and quarter standard. Flowers white and scented. The crown is easy to maintain by clipping once year. A perfectly graceful tree ideal for the British climate which is a beautiful addition to any garden, patio or entrance to your abode.


Height including pot (approx: 1.80-1.90m)

Crown width: 1m-1.20cm

Pot height: 35cm

Pot width: 50cm

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Foliage: evergreen, aromatic

Hardiness: hardy

Exposure: full sun or partial shade

Soil: Most soil types, well drained

Watering: keep moist with free drainage, water regularly in the summer months, less in winter, do not allow to dry out completely

Potting: John Innes No.3 Soil

Fertiliser: Osmocote slow release