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Sutton Manor Nursery Terracotta Pots

Sutton Manor Nursery Terracotta Pots - STAMP

The Stamp Of Distinction

Maniero Di Sutton Terracotta

Only a true handmade Tuscan pot can carry the Stamp Of Distinction

The Stamp “Fatto A Mano In Toscana”

This stamp is only given to Tuscan pots that are handmade in the traditional methods of cast molds and colombini. Fatto A Mano In Toscana meaning Hand Made In Tuscany.

The Stamp “Tornio Da Vasaio”

This stamp is only given to a Tuscan Pot that has been hand-made in the traditional way of potters wheel.  The Tornio Da Vasaio meaning Hand Finished Potters Wheel.

Be aware of cheap imitations

There are many cheap imitations of true handmade Tuscan clay pots which are manufactured by machines in factories for a speedy, yet poor result. You won’t find any Stamps Of Distinction on any of those cheap pots! These types of  pots can be easily spotted by the bad quality inferior clays, one drainage hole and thinner walls which makes the pot prone to cracking.

The Colombini Method

The first is “Colombini”, which is the oldest form. This tradition is used when producing large pots, large vases and urns. It’s delicately formed by shaping the clay into lengths of “Colombini” (hand-rolled lengths of clay) and building it up from the base whilst shaping. It’s only by this method, formed by the eye of the Artisan Potter, that the pots can carry the stamp of distinction “Fatto A Mano in Toscana” (handmade in Tuscany)

Sutton Manor Nursery Terracotta Pots - 2
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The Tornio Da Vasaio method

The second tradition is called “Tornio Da Vasaio”, also known as “The Potters Wheel”. This method is mostly representative for round pots. The wheel for the pots is called a lathe and is very deep. The Artisan Potter builds up the clay by hand inside the mould. The potter selects by hand what is called a paddle to shape the pot as it spins on the potters wheel (lathe) to create the pot shape and fullness. Once the potter has created the pot, the mould it sits in must absorb the water from the clay. It is only after this process that the pot is very carefully removed. The true craftsmanship of the Artisan Potter truly comes to life by hand finishing the pot whilst carefully smoothing out its shape. This is also the time that the artist can add any handmade motifs on the highly decorative pots. Only by use of the traditional wheel can the pot carry the stamp of distinction “Tornio Da Vasaio Rifinito A Mano In Toscana” (Potters Wheel hand finished in Tuscany).

The Cast Mold method

The third tradition is an amazing technique which uses handmade cast moulds. They are used mostly for square pots or window boxes. By hand, the clay is built up slowly onto a flat cast. After the potter builds the clay into the cast, each cast is formed together by hand to produce the shape and thickness of the pot. The potter carefully removes the cast one by one, then starts working on the outside of the pot making it truly come to life by hand smoothing and forming the pot. Only by this method can the pot carry the stamp of distinction “Fatto A Mano In Toscana” (Handmade In Tuscany)

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To Understand The True Meaning Of Handmade Tuscan Terracotta Pots…

Our impressive handmade Tuscan Terracotta pots are steeped in traditional Italian history. A historic tradition that has been passed down from father to son, dating back to the 1850s. Our pots are proudly produced in the family bloodline of Artisan Potters

Sutton Manor Nursery Terracotta Pots - WhatsApp Image 2023 11 01 at 12.39.49 bf59a2b2
Sutton Manor Nursery Terracotta Pots - DSC 9187

For the first time in the United Kindom, Sutton Manor Nursery has been awarded their stamp of distinction called “Maniero Di Sutton Terracotta”. This stamp is proudly applied to every single one of our handmade Tuscan terracotta pots, which are crafted from one of the oldest families of true bloodline (Tuscan Artisan Potters) that still to this day, produce terracotta traditionally.

Our larger Tuscan pots come with a minimum of three drainage holes. This is vital for any tree to thrive in the UK. A single hole in the bottom of a large terracotta pot is not suitable given our UK climate. Our Olive trees love the additional drainage and there’s nothing more beautiful than seeing an Olive tree thriving in a true traditional handmade Italian Tuscan terracotta pot.

Sutton Manor Nursery Terracotta Pots - DSC 9206

The clay used to make our pots has been mined from deep within the hills of Tuscany, Italy. There are no inferior minerals mixed within our handmade pots. Our pots are made from pure Tuscan clay, which is known throughout the world as the very best and It cannot be replicated by others.

The firing process is no less than 36 hours. This lengthy amount of time gives the pot strength. The clay is then fired to over 1000 degrees.

There are seven different stages of the process involved in making the finest handmade terracotta pots. The process, from start to finish, cannot be rushed as this takes between 25 to 40 days depending on the size of the pot.

A timeless Tuscan terracotta pot which is handmade by Italian Artisan potters only uses virgin clay mined from the Tuscan hills, only then can the pot carry the stamp of distinction and be named a genuine handmade Tuscan Terracotta pot.

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