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Citrus Lemon Trees

The Lemon Tree also referred to as ‘Citrus Limon’ is a small evergreen tree in the Rutaceae flowering family. Native to South Asia, this plant produces large quantities of yellow oval fruits known as Lemons. The sweetly scented blooms of Lemon Trees are self-pollinating, so will easily set fruit all year round.

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Citrus Lemon Trees Faqs

How do you care for Citrus Lemon Trees?

Citrus Lemon Trees are suitable for both indoors and outdoors, however, as they are not hardy they will not survive temperatures below 5°C and will need protection. Furthermore, your tree will need good drainage and requires consistent watering so the compost is moist but not wet. If the pot or container where the lemon tree is growing is allowed to dry out, the leaves of the lemon tree will fall off.

How do you prune a lemon tree?

Lemon trees don’t need much pruning, in fact, young lemon trees aren’t encouraged to bear fruit until they are older, whilst mature lemon trees should be pruned once or twice a year after every harvest. Furthermore, your lemon tree can be reshaped if necessary in late winter by thinning out overcrowded branches.

Why is my lemon tree not bearing fruit?

There could be a few reasons why your lemon tree is not bearing fruit. Some of the main reasons include low temperatures, lack of sunlight or too much water. It’s also worth noting that if your lemon citrus tree is growing from pips it can take a number of years before it will fruit.