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Italian Cypress Trees

The Italian Cypress Tree also referred to as the ‘Green Pencil,’ is an evergreen plant that is a member of the Cupressaceae family. It’s signature column style and scale-like leaves make a wonderful architectural statement, especially when planted in pairs or rows. These spectacular trees keep their erect branches and pencil shape throughout all of their life. Furthermore, this type of tree is ideal for British climates due to its evergreen foliage and hardiness.

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Italian Cypress Trees Faqs

How to care for your Italian Cypress Tree?

Italian Cypress Trees grow best in moist and well-drained and should only be watered once a week. It’s also a good idea to place your tree in a well-sheltered area that still gets plenty of sunlight. Due to its hardy nature, your Italian Cypress tree will survive winter with very little maintenance needed.

Does my Italian Cypress Tree need pruning?

Your Italian Cypress will usually not need pruning, however, if you decide to use your tree as hedging it will need regular pruning.