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Italian Cypress Trees

The Italian Cypress Tree also referred to as the ‘Green Pencil,’ is an evergreen plant that is a member of the Cupressaceae family. It’s signature column style and scale-like leaves make a wonderful architectural statement, especially when planted in pairs or rows. These spectacular trees keep their erect branches and pencil shape throughout all of their life. Furthermore, this type of tree is ideal for British climates due to its evergreen foliage and hardiness.

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    Juniperus Scopulorum Blue Arrow (Height 2.10-2.40m)

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    Juniperus Scopulorum Blue Arrow (Height 1.55-1.65M)

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    Cupressus Sempervirens (Italian Cypress Pyramidalis) 2.10M-2.40M

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    Cupressus Sempervirens (Italian Cypress Totem) 1.50M-1.60M

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Italian Cypress Trees Faqs

How to care for your Italian Cypress Tree?

Italian Cypress Trees grow best in moist and well-drained and should only be watered once a week. It’s also a good idea to place your tree in a well-sheltered area that still gets plenty of sunlight. Due to its hardy nature, your Italian Cypress tree will survive winter with very little maintenance needed.

Does my Italian Cypress Tree need pruning?

Your Italian Cypress will usually not need pruning, however, if you decide to use your tree as hedging it will need regular pruning.

Are Italian Cypress Trees hardy?

Yes, as evergreen trees they adjust superbly to a more temperate climate like the one in the UK, remaining drought tolerant and hardy throughout the changing seasons.

How fast do Italian Cypress Trees grow?

Widely known for their narrow upright appearance Italian Cypress Trees will usually grow at a medium rate around 2 – 3 feet per year, until they reach maturity.

How big do Italian Cypress Trees grow?

Due to their medium growth rate, in maturity Italian Cypress Trees can grow anywhere from 30 – 60 feet depending on factors such as space and pruning

Are Italian Cypress Tree roots invasive?

No, Cypress trees depend on stabilizing roots that are non invasive to the surrounding soil and foundations. With proper care the surface roots will not cause any harm to the top soil or ruin the look of your garden.

How close can you plant Italian Cypress Trees?

To give your Italian Cypress Tree adequate room to grow you should space them about 5 – 6 ft apart ( particularly if you are using them as screens to create a privacy border or block segments of your garden).

How tall do Dwarf Italian Cypress Trees grow?

The dwarf Italian Cypress Tree grows much slower than its taller counterpart, eventually reaching between 7 – 9 feet in a 10 year timeframe. The width of a mature dwarf Italian Cypress Tree averages around 2 ft.

Can you keep Italian Cypress small?

Pruning is key if you want to keep your tree small, as the Italian cypress tree cannot grow back from old wood, regular pruning in early spring and late summer will help to stabilize the tree’s growth. Be careful not to damage the tree itself by only pruning stray foliage.

What kind of soil do Italian Cypress Trees like?

Italian Cypress Trees are known for being very tolerant of poor soil and will grow without issue in most environments. For optimal growth try adding nutrients and minerals through a suitable fertilizer to the surrounding soil of your tree in early spring.