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Topiary Pyramids

With it’s notable cone-like shape, Topiary Pyramids are the perfect ornamental piece for any garden. Clipped exquisitely to shape this plant, will make for the perfect statement piece outside your front door, or even along your garden pathway. Due to its evergreen and glossy leaves, this plant will last all year round if cared for correctly.

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Topiary Pyramids FAQ's

Are topiaries hard to keep alive?

Topiary Trees are slow growing and are easy to care for with minimum knowledge of plants. Because of their evergreen leaves they are hardy, meaning they can survive in  temperatures as low as -20.

How do you take care of a topiary tree?

Your Topiary Tree should be kept moist but free of drainage. In hotter weather conditions water regularly with a minimum of twice a week, and in winter don’t allow your plant to dry out. Furthermore, your Topiary Tree will only need to be clipped once, maybe twice a year, and to feed and keep your plant healthy, spray it regularly with Top Buxus.

How much sun does a Topiary tree need?

As Topiary Trees are for outside use only, they will need sun to survive. However, they grow best when positioned in sunny spots with partial shade.