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Easy to take care of, Palm Trees are a great choice if you have a minimum knowledge of plants. There are a number of different Palm Trees, including Chamaerops Humilis, Cordyline, Trachycarpus and Double Trunk Trachycarpus – all of which we stock. With their tropical look and exotic foliage, Palm Trees make for a remarkable focal point in any garden.

To view our full collection of Palm Trees see below, or to check out what other plants we stock, click this link.

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Planting Palm Trees

Despite their gentle look, Palm Trees are surprisingly hardy and can survive in the UK climate down to -10. Due to this, they are able to withstand winds, but we recommend placing your plant in a sheltered position that’s either sunny or shady. 

When potting or planting your Palm Tree we suggest using a mix of agricultural grit and John Innes no.3. Once this is done, be careful not to over water your plant as Palm Trees like to be drainage free. We recommend watering only once or twice a week.

Caring For Palm Trees

Palm Trees are relatively easy to care for and should only need to be trimmed once a year if required. If sheltered correctly, your plant should be able to withstand the UK climate all year round. To fertilise your Palm Tree, we suggest using Osmocote slow release as it contains NPK, magnesium and all the necessary trace elements to give your plant all the nutrients it will need.