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Topiary Spirals

Beautifully clipped to shape, Topiary Spiral trees are perfect for adding some wow-factor  to your contemporary or formal garden. This oddly shaped plant is recognised for its uniqueness and elegance.  Available in a variety of sizes, Topiary Spirals will be suitable for your garden whether its small or large. 

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  • Sale! £600.00 £249.95

    Buxus Sempervirens Spiral (Height 1.50-160M)

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  • Sale! £275.00 £154.95

    Buxus Sempervirens Spiral (Height 1.40-150M)

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  • Sale! £300.00 £174.95

    Cupressocyparis Castle Wellan Gold Spiral (Height 1.65-1.75m)

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  • Sale! £220.00 £119.95

    Cupressocyparis Castle Wellan Gold Spiral (Height 1.40-1.45m)

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  • Sale! £175.00 £74.95

    95cm-1.10M Buxus Sempervirens Spiral

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Topiary Spirals FAQ's

Planting Topiary Spirals

This topiary tree will be supplied in a terracotta nursery pot, therefore you will not need to re-plant it unless you choose to do so.

Caring for Topiary Spirals

Topiary Trees are quite easy to take care of and need minimum treatment. Because they are slow growing, your plants will only need to be clipped into shape once or twice a year. To keep your Topiary Spiral healthy, position it in a spot with sunlight and partial shade. Finally, during summer months water at least once or twice a week, and in winter make sure the plant does not dry out. To fertilise, spray the leaves with Top Buxus Health Mix.