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Olive Trees

Olive Trees for Sale

Create a stunning Mediterranean-style garden with authentic olive trees imported from the finest European suppliers. Olive trees are a species of an evergreen tree in the Olea Europaea family, bringing colour and life to your garden year-round. The ancient olive tree is one of the oldest symbols of the world, symbolising peace, wisdom, prosperity and success. Their elegant silhouettes and evergreen leaves make them a beautiful focal point in any garden or a meaningful gift for a loved one. Here at Sutton Manor Nursery, you will find a wide range of beautiful olive trees for sale in different sizes – browse the range to find the perfect fit for your garden.

Widest Range of Olive Trees

At Sutton Manor Nursery, we have ones of the widest range of olive trees available in all different shapes and cultivars. Our range includes traditional lollipop-shaped trees, exotic bonsai olive trees, gorgeous European olive trees with thick stems and many more. Our olive trees are also available in a range of sizes, including half-standard and standard olive trees as ornamental pieces. We also have a variety of large olive trees that can be planted into the ground or kepy in terracotta pots

Hand-Selected Olive Trees for Competitive Prices

Olive trees, we hand-select each of our olive trees from the most renowned European growers to ensure each tree is the very best quality. All of our plants are Defra-approved and our olive trees each have a plant passport, so rest assured you are getting the very best quality. At Sutton Manor, we are proud to offer our customers high-quality olive trees at the very best rates available. To ensure we’re offering our customers the very best rates on our olive trees, we consistently check our competitor’s prices to ensure ours are the lowest.

Caring for Your Olive Trees

Not only are olive trees beautiful to look at but they are low maintenance and can also be kept inside and kept as indoor plants. Prune your olive trees in the spring and summer and add fertiliser regularly. Individual care instructions for each species of Olea Europaea are available on our website and we are always happy to provide more information and advice over the phone, email or in person at our Nursery. They can be planted in the ground and they also look beautiful when grown in terracotta pots.

Buy Online or In-Store

We are currently one of the largest stockholders and suppliers of olive, palm and topiary trees in the UK. With over 3,000 premium quality trees available including palm trees, fruit trees and more beautiful species. We’re certain you’ll find the perfect choice for your garden. Our olive trees are available to buy online and we also offer FREE delivery at checkout. Prefer to see our olive grove in person? You can also visit us at our nursery, which is open 7 days a week and set in the heart of the beautiful Kent countryside.

Planting Olive Bushes and Trees

When planting or potting your Olive Bush it’s best to choose a south or west facing location as it will flourish better in a sunny sheltered spot. It’s also worth mentioning that Olive trees come in all different shapes and sizes, and because of this you will need to get a pot or urn that can accommodate this. Once you’ve selected a suitable pot or urn and found the perfect patch, we recommend using a mix of John Innes no.3 and agricultural grit for planting or potting.

Caring for Olive Trees and Bushes

Olive Trees and Bushes are generally quite easy to take care of and should only need trimming once a year if required. Your Olive Bush will also need regular watering as expected, but be careful not to waterlog the plant. All Olive Trees like free drainage, so keep this in mind if planting in the ground. 

To view our full collection of Olive Bushes and Trees see below, or to check out what other olive plants we have to offer, click this link.

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Olive Bushes FAQ's

Where do olive trees grow best?

Olive trees grow best in subtropical climates, however, they are very hardy plants and can grow well in most climates as long as they are kept watered and well-drained. Ideally, they should be kept in the sunniest spot possible. To be on the safe side look into the specific variety of olive tree you own as some varieties can withstand temperature extremes more than others.

How fast does an olive tree grow?

During the first few years of its life, an olive tree will grow rather quickly but growth will slow afterwards. Olive trees will usually grow fruit after 3-5 years.

Are olive trees hardy?

Olive trees are very hardy and mature olive trees can survive in very cold weather, having no ill effects in temperatures as low as -15°C. They can be kept either outdoors or grown inside as house plants.

What is special about olive trees?

Olive trees are incredibly robust, as their root system is capable of regenerating itself even when the rest of the tree is destroyed by disease or harsh weather conditions.

Can olive trees grow in the UK?

Yes, olive trees can be grown in the UK as long as you keep them watered and well drained. After 3-5 years of growth they can produce fruit in the summers.

How much does an olive tree cost?

Olive trees vary in cost depending on size, they can be purchased in small, medium, large and even extra large sizes. Olive trees can cost anywhere from £150 – £1,000 depending on the plant’s maturity, species, and rarity.

How fast does an olive tree grow?

Olive trees tend to be slow maturing, during the first few years of its life, an olive tree will grow rather quickly but growth will slow afterwards.

How long does it take for an olive tree to bear fruit?

This all depends on the maturity of the olive tree and the subspecies of olive tree you have purchased. As a general rule most olive trees start to bear fruit between 5 – 12 years. However this is not set in stone as some varieties such as Arbequina and Koroneiki have been known to start producing fruit at the 3 year mark.

What is the best olive tree to grow in the UK?

The best olive tree varieties to grow in the UK are the ones most suitable for a temperate climate such as the The Arbequina Olive Tree and the Frantoio Olive Tree. Both of these varieties adjust well to cold weather and are considered very hardy plants.

What is the lifespan of an olive tree?

Olive trees are very long lasting plants if treated with the right amount of care and attention. The oldest known olive tree is known as the olive tree of vouves and is estimated to be at least 2000 years old. On average most olive trees can reach the ripe old age of 500 years old.

How big do olive trees get?

Olive trees are evergreen meaning they can grow as wide as they are tall, so make sure you have plenty of room. On average olive trees grow to around 25 – 30 feet.

can you eat an olive straight off the tree?

Yes, olive trees are edible straight off the branch, however they can be extremely bitter due to the chemicals oleuropein and phenolic. To avoid a nasty aftertaste it is important you cure your olives first by expunging the compounds mentioned above, there are a number of ways in which you can do this.

How can you cure olives picked straight off the tree?

Curing olives is an ancient Mediterranean process that can be done through a
number of methods. Depending on the type of olive tree you own there are 4 main methods to choose from, water curing, brining, dry curing and lye curing. Each method leaves the olives with a completely different taste and texture.