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Citrus Manderin Trees

The Citrus Reticulata, also known as the mandarin orange or mandarine tree is a small citrus bush that bears fruit resembling other oranges. The tree produces deliciously sweet and easy to peel orange fruits that are safe to eat. This colourful plant will make for a beautiful addition to any greenhouse, conservatory or garden.

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Citrus Manderin Trees Faqs

How should I care for my Mandarin Tree?

To care for your mandarin tree, water it regularly and in warmer climates up to once or twice a week. The tree is suitable both indoors and outdoors, and because it is self-fertilising very little care is needed. During winter months, protect your Mandarin tree by wrapping a blanket or tarp around it at night. Mandarin trees are the most cold-tolerant of all the citrus trees but it’s still a good idea to place them in a sheltered area to avoid harsh winds.

How do you pot a Mandarin tree?

All of our trees here at Sutton Manor Nursery come already planted in a suitable pot. However, if your plant needs repotting into a larger container, this is best done in the spring. Only replant your Mandarin tree when it outgrows its current container.