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Topiary Box Balls

With it’s evergreen foliage, Topiary Box Balls are the perfect all-year-round feature for your garden. Their distinctive look means they can be grown in a planter or in the ground. Topiary Box Balls are available in a variety of sizes, right from 20cm – 75cm tall, meaning they are ideal for every type of garden no matter how big or small. 

To view all of the Topiary Box Balls we sell see below, or if you are looking for alternative Topiary plans follow this link.

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  • Sale! £130.00 £49.95

    30cm Euonymus Ball

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  • Sale! £65.00 £34.95

    35cm Buxus Sempervirens Ball

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  • Sale! £95.00 £47.95

    40cm Buxus Sempervirens Ball

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  • Sale! £130.00 £74.95

    50cm Buxus Sempervirens Ball

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Topiary Box Balls FAQ's

How fast do Topiary Box Balls grow?

Topiary Box Balls have a slow growth rate, meaning they only grow 10-15cm a year. Due to this, they only need to be cut into shape once or twice a year.

How do you shape Topiary Box Balls? 

A quick video on  ‘How to clip your Topiary Box Ball to shape’ would work well on here!

How do you look after Topiary Box Balls?

For best results, Topiary Box Balls should be potted or planted in well-drained soil. In warmer months the plant should be watered regularly, and in very hot weather conditions a minimum of twice a week. Throughout winter it is just as important to keep your Topiary Box Balls moist to stop them from drying out.