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Laurus nobilis – Angustifolia Bay Tree Cone/Pyramid 1.60

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Laurus nobilis – Angustifolia Bay Tree Cone/Pyramid 1.60


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The Augustifolia Bay Tree has narrow long leaves making the foliage dense, it lends itself  to classic topiary design. They add structure to beds and borders and can be flanked either side of your door. The leafs are aromatic and fragrant and works great in many recipes. This variety is only grown from specialist nurseries, and you will not find them in regular garden centres.

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Height including pot: 1.60-1.70 M

width 9widest point): 50-55 cm

Pot height: 30 cm

Pot width: 32 cm


Sutton Manor Nursey Promise: We aim to be the cheapest, yet highest quality UK suppliers online & in-store. We consistently check our prices so that we are leading with our competitors.  Rest assured, when buying from us, you are buying affordable, high-quality specimens that will last a lifetime.

The Laurus Nobilis, commonly known as the Bay Tree, takes on a distinctive form with the Angustifolia variant, presenting itself as a Cone/Pyramid reaching heights of 1.60 metres. Here’s why this Bay Tree variant is an exceptional addition to any garden or landscape:

1. Sculptural Beauty: The Angustifolia Bay Tree Cone/Pyramid showcases a striking cone or pyramid shape, characterised by its tapered silhouette and dense foliage. Its sculptural form adds visual interest and architectural appeal to garden landscapes.

2. Versatile Design Element: Whether used as a focal point in a formal garden, a statement piece in a contemporary landscape, or a sculptural accent in a mixed border, the Angustifolia Bay Tree Cone/Pyramid lends itself well to various garden styles and themes.

3. Compact Size: Standing at 1.60 metres, this Bay Tree variant offers a compact size that is well-suited for smaller gardens, courtyards, or urban spaces. Its slender profile makes it ideal for adding vertical interest without overwhelming the landscape.

4. Evergreen Beauty: Like other Bay Tree varieties, the Angustifolia Bay Tree maintains its lush green foliage year-round, providing evergreen beauty and structure to outdoor spaces, even during the winter months.

5. Aromatic Leaves: The Bay Tree’s aromatic leaves are prized for their culinary and medicinal uses. Harvest fresh Bay leaves to enhance the flavour of soups, stews, sauces, and meat dishes, adding a subtle yet distinctive taste to culinary creations.

6. Low Maintenance: Despite its striking appearance, the Angustifolia Bay Tree Cone/Pyramid is surprisingly low maintenance, requiring minimal care to thrive. It is tolerant of different soil types and climates, making it suitable for a wide range of garden environments.

7. Symbolic Significance: In folklore and tradition, the Bay Tree symbolises victory, wisdom, and protection. It has been revered for centuries for its symbolic significance and was often associated with ancient rituals, ceremonies, and celebrations.

8. Container Friendly: The compact size and upright growth habit of the Angustifolia Bay Tree Cone/Pyramid make it well-suited for container planting. Grow it in pots or planters on patios, balconies, or terraces to add instant greenery and style to outdoor spaces.

In summary, the Laurus Nobilis – Angustifolia Bay Tree Cone/Pyramid 1.60 combines sculptural beauty, versatility, and low maintenance, making it an exceptional choice for enhancing outdoor environments with its striking presence and year-round appeal.

Foliage: evergreen, aromatic

Hardiness: UK HARDY

Exposure: full sun or partial shade

Soil: Most soil types or you can use our nursery soil, which we well on our website.

Watering: keep moist with free drainage, water regularly in the summer months, less in winter, do not allow to dry out completely

Fertiliser: Osmocote slow release  Pre Plant (which we sell on our website)

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If any of the above circumstances occur, this means the driver will leave the good/s at whatever point he can get to (drivers discretion) By accepting your tree to be left safe at the property whilst nobody is home means Sutton Manor Nursery cannot be held responsible for any damaged/stolen/ goods/incorrect goods. For free returns you must be at the delivering property at the point of your delivery and reject any goods that may be damaged or goods that may be incorrect. If you wish to return your goods after you have requested them to be left safe, there is a collection and return fee £150. The items must be returned back to us in the same condition as they arrived in including all packaging applied as it was delivered.

Minor Damages On Trees: Please note that large trees above 2M (including the pot) are taller than the internal height of the delivery vehicle so therefore, the branches of the tree will have to bend over be and tied down. Sometimes some branches can snap, this will not affect the health of the tree in any way so please trim those branches and the tree will replenish.

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