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Topiary Trees

Add style and structure to your garden with our gorgeous range of topiary trees for sale. Here at Sutton Manor, we stock a range of different species of topiary trees in a variety of shapes. Choose from topiary ball trees, boxwood topiary trees, spiral topiary trees and more in all different sizes to add elegance and interest to your garden. These ornate feature trees look lovely in both traditional and urban spaces, the perfect way to add structure and year-round greenery to your garden. Our topiary trees are hand-picked from the most renowned European suppliers to ensure the highest quality. Browse the range to find the perfect match for your garden.

Topiary Trees in All Shapes and Sizes

We are currently one of the largest stockholders and suppliers of olive, palm and topiary plants in the UK. With over 3,000 trees in stock on our website, we’re certain you’ll find the perfect choice for your garden! Our topiary trees are beautifully clipped into a variety of topiary shapes including Buxus balls, topiary lollipop trees, pom-poms and topiary cone trees. They are also grown from beautiful species of trees including topiary bay trees, luscious Buxus Sempervirens with round green leaves and beautiful Arizona Cypress trees with eye-catching blueish white foliage. Each topiary tree comes in a plant pot, ready to be placed in your garden, decking or by your front door.

Hand-Picked Topiary Trees

Each topiary tree is hand-selected from the finest European suppliers to ensure the very best quality. All of our trees are Defra-approved and have a licensed UK passport number, so great quality is certain. We also like to provide our customers with the very best prices on high-quality trees. To do so, we consistently check competitors prices to ensure we’re providing the best rates on our trees. At Sutton Manor, we guarantee you’re getting the very best trees for the lowest prices.

Caring for Topiary Trees

Whether you’re an experienced gardener or a complete newbie, many of our topiary trees are low maintenance and easy to care for with minimum knowledge of plants required. Most topiary trees such as our boxwood topiary balls will need regular pruning and trimming with shears to ensure they keep their shape, however, the amount of watering and fertiliser required will vary depending on the species of tree. Individual care instructions for each of our topiary trees can be found on our website and we are always happy to provide more information and advice over the phone, email or in person at our Nursery.

Order Today for FREE Delivery

At Sutton Manor Nursery, we’re a family-run business where excellent quality and competitive prices are guaranteed. With over 3,000 trees in stock on our website, we’re certain you’ll find the perfect match for your home or business. Add some style to your garden with our premium quality topiary trees and place your order today. Remember, all online orders get FREE delivery at checkout! Prefer to see our trees in person before buying? Our tree nursery in Kent is open 7 days a week to customers, please feel free to come and visit!

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Topiary FAQ's

What trees are good for topiary?

The most common varieties of plants used to create topiary are thickly leaved evergreen shrubs such as Buxus Semperviren (boxwood), Eucalyptus Gunnii, Yew, Bay, Holly and Privet.

What are topiary trees?

Traditionally used in formal garden settings or parterres, topiary trees are grown and pruned into decorative shapes or sculpture. They are usually made from thickly leaved evergreen shrubs such as box, cypress, privet or yew.

Are topiary trees real?

Yes, topiary trees are traditionally grown and sculpted from real trees. Most often, they are made from thickly leaved evergreen shrubs such as box, cypress, privet or taxus (yew).

How tall do topiary trees grow?

Thickly leaved evergreen shrubs such as laurels are often used in topiary. Bay laurels can grow to a mature height of 60 feet but usually grow to about 10 feet tall.